Thursday, August 2, 2007

Off Work.... SURPRISE... Take 4

For crying out loud, when is enough enough already?

So a couple days ago, I come out of work; I walk to my motorcycle, which was parked behind the office and notice that the bike is laying lifeless flat on it's right hand side.

As if? Like Come on... Wasn't it enough that I had the Home From Work? SURPRISE then the Off Work.. SURPRISE Let's not forget the most recent Another After Work SURPRISE! Now some asshole has to go and tip over my bike too?

I have crash bars on my bike that protect the motor in case the bike falls over, so the bike was resting on the crash bars in the front, and on the passenger footpeg in the back. Damage was restricted to a little bit of scuffing on the throttle side hand grip.

At first I thought maybe somebody backed into it, and drove off, but then I noticed that the kickstand was up. The mirrors were twisted around, and all the controls were played with. Gasoline had leaked out of the tank to the extent of leaving a nice puddle on the pavement.

I put my helmet down and picked up the old lady. Sat down, straightened the mirrors, unlocked the steering and started her up. A few sputters and she came back alive.

I went back into the office to talk to the security guard...

Apparently a drunk guy stumbled into the building and told the security guard that he lost his keys to his bicycle, and would like the guard to cut his bike lock. The guard proceeded to chase the pathetic drunk off of company property. This is when the guard saw my bike laying on the ground.

The next day the guard told me that he had reviewed the video footage, and although the bike wasn't fully visible in the video, he could see the drunk guy at my bike playing around. By the sounds of it, he tried stealing it. I assume that when he realized that it needed a key to unlock the steering and that he wasn't going anywhere with it, (aside from in circles.) he just pushed it over and proceeded to attempt his luck at a bicycle.

People always talk about the benefits of working downtown. "everything's in walking distance" "Public Transportation connections are great", or arguments, like "You don't have to go ouside because so many buildings are skywalk connected" I paint a slightly different picture. Overpriced parking. Inadequate parking, and an overabundance of trouble makers, sniffers, huffers and drunks. All I can say is, the guy's lucky I didn't see him push over my bike. Most people are smart enough to know, you don't mess with another man's (or woman's) motorcycle.

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