Thursday, October 13, 2005

Home from work? SURPRISE

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Nothing like coming home after a long day at the office, enjoy a beer and record a podcast.... Well that was the plan for the day, until my neighbor decided to give me a pleasant surprise..

Let me tell you about my neighbors. To protect their identity lets call the neighbors, Bart, Clara, Daniel. Three siblings, Daniel's the oldest, Clara has a 5 year old daughter, and Bart's a young know it all punk that drinks and drives and has lost his license for it prior to his 18th b-day (dumbass). I'd like to meet a single person on the face of the bloody planet with the same bloody shit luck as Bart. within 7 months, a jeep "stolen" (he came over to me with instructions of what to tell the cops... s9ound fishy to you too?), then rear ended by a stolen car in his MX-6 (which he drives like a lunatic. Within weeks he's put dents in the car. Never his fault. Always colorful stories though. His car was written off and the Fucking rental he had got smacked "by a stolen Car" Can you smell the shit ooozing yet?

He's bashed up Clara's car several times too.. never his fault... Last night he had Clara's Car, but since he doesn't drink and Drive (Sniff Sniff.) he left the cxar behind and this morning... Voila... it was STOLEN... My God. A Dairy farm doesn't have this much Shit!

How about the rest of the clan? I don't know for sure, but this is the shit I put up with.. With 3 of them, I can't blame one alone.
I find empty beer cans and bottles in my yard regularly. I've notice fuel missing from my gas tank (syphoned I assume) motor oil's gone missing from my yard. Some day's I can't park in my own driveway as they have parked all their fuckin' friend's cars in MY driveway. I've even been blocked into my bloody driveway in the morning on my way to work.... Why? Cause piss for brains next door came home Shit-faced at 3 am and parked in my driveway! I had to pound on the his door and wake his sorry ass up so he moved his shitbox so I could get out!

Anyway I digress.....

So.. I come home from work today. I'm in a fairly good mood. Day's over I park my motorcycle in the driveway. Clara's mom, comes to talk to me. She's frantic. She needs to talk to me now. I don't want to deal with the neighbors but fine, what's up...

So she says...

" You see I don't like Clara's boyfriend. I came into the back yard to get this door", she guided me through the wooden pine fence gate and showed me a boxed up door leaning against the house.
"Anyway I tripped over his bicycle, so I tossed it into the driveway and told him to get lost and not show his damn face around here anymore. Then he picked up his bike and Threw it over there." She points at my Pickup truck.
I look over and see the picture above.
I told her to hang on. I wanted to put my helmet in the house and get a piece of paper. When I returned, Clara had come outside and started yelling at her mom, that this was none of her business. (nice Huh?) So here in the driveway you see mom and daughter exchanging verbal blows... it was like an episode of Cops.

So.. I called the insurance.. Here's the kicker.. I'm out $500.00 unless this jackass coughs up the cash to fix my truck.. Talk about a double screw over!

I'm pissed off!

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gfroese said...

Oh man, this sucks big time. Nothing can ruin a good mood like brutal neighbours.

Good luck getting your $500 from those lunatics.