Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another After Work SURPRISE!

First there was Home From Work? SURPRISE Then came Off Work.. SURPRISE

Today was part three in what I hope is only a trilogy in this Saga.

Sorry. No photo to accompany this post, as there's nothing to photograph.

When I drive to work, if the weather's okay, I'll only drive part way to work, park in free parking and then bicycle into downtown. This week was the first time I drove myself to work in months and the first time since last summer that I ditched the truck and cycled into the office. Today, all was fine aside from some bad weather. That's okay cold and a light rain was survivable on my way home from work.

At work we have a locked compound to put our bikes into. When I got to the bike compound after work, I noticed that somebody took a pair of bolt cutters and cut the lock. Only 2 bikes remained in the compound, and I'll give you one guess who's bike wasn't one of them.

I must have the shittiest luck with these things, and each time I have to pay out of my pocket for other peoples actions.

I'm pissed off.


sophisting said...

Maybe this wouldn't have happened if you didn't ride your fancy-schmancy bike around like you're king shit of fuck mountain -- just TAUNTING criminals to come steal it. Someone probably saw you riding by in some arrogant, holier-than-thou manner, vowed to take you down a notch, and followed you to where you locked up your bike.

So was your bike locked up inside the lock up? Did they cut that one too? Maybe you should have invested in a better one.

GermanPickle said...

there will be a point in time, when I no longer find your comments humorous or fun to respond to. At that point I will start banning your comments and deleting them. Be warned. Today you pissed me off.

Nice arguement, so even if that was true, you must also feel that a girl walking down the street with a short skirt is asking to be raped. Nice backward logic dude.

sophisting said...

I would feel she was asking for it if the skirt said "Please rape me. Seriously" on the back of it.

Only TODAY I pissed you off? Jeez, I have no idea what works and what doesn't -- I thought I tamed this one down from the last post!

So you didn't answer my question: was your bike locked up inside the lock up?

GermanPickle said...

To answer your question, no it wasn't locked up in the compound. The compound is locked, under video surveillance, and in a really high traffic area. I thought it was secure.

I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Delete him he's a dick. Who's he fisting, anyhow?

Anonymous said...

besides himself?