Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Off Work.. SURPRISE!!

Some of you will remember my Home from Work? SURPRISE post from last October, where I came home from work to find my truck had the windshield smashed....

Well I repaired it myself as the insurance company was useless to me. I decided to be pro-active and lower my deductible.

Today I come off work, had a great day, I may add.... SURPRISE.... Broken glass.... Nope not the windshield this time... but the drivers window. The truck was in good shape otherwise except for the fact that it was now sans stereo. My mp3 stereo, was only 3 months old and as good as new. So somebody is now the owner of a nice new FREE stereo.

Two things really burn me about this. First is the fact that I have to work hard for my money, and then somebody else just helps themselves to my stuff. But even that I can live with as I'm used to this shit (read my blog you'll see I'm not the world's luckiest person.) But what burns me most is this.... I know other people who park near where I do every day, that have had their cars broken into. I see broken glass often in the parking lots I park in. I'm aware of this. Therefore I leave my doors unlocked and the tooks for removing the stereo in the ashtray.

Do you think the thief checked for either? NOPE... Like all I ask... If you're gonna screw me over and rip me off, at least check to see first. Save me the hassle of replacing the glass.

So all's said and done. I called autopac, and it's still cheaper for me to just replace the glass myself and wait for the stereo to come on sale again, as they just won't pay out. I'm becoming a firm believer that people don't attempt insurance fraud, but rather that insurance is a fraud in itself.

Anybody that ever asks me why I don't gamble, or make bets on things, obviously has never read my blog...

Hope your day was better than mine.

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