Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Watch what you say on that Cell Phone!

Ever wonder who's listening in? Here's a scary thought. Do you have a digital cellphone? Are you sure you're the only one listening? .... .... Watch this

Do you still think you're the only one listening? It's been common knowledge that cordless phones and baby monitors etc. could be listened into. Many people knew (although I don't know whether it was common knowledge) that analogue cell communications could be listened to. But digital? I didn't have a clue. It wasn't until I stumbled onto this that I realized it. In fact, at first I thought it was an analogue phone, but if that's the case then there's a lot of analogue phones still out there. A little digging on the Internet, specifically some of the scanner forums and groups, told a different story. I know from now on, my cell phone conversations will not include any communication of credit card info, banking info or any other very personal information. Now I ask. If any Joe can listen in.... What's Big Brother doing?

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