Thursday, April 25, 2013

The beauty industry the most overpriced industry around????

You ladies get taken to the cleaners!

I was shocked! 

My wife sent me into Superstore to pick up some cream.  I walked past the face creams, I noticed the shiny new price tags SuperStore's been using.  Fully equiped with price per litre, or Price per kilogram, I was completely shocked as to what the true cost is of your beauty items.

This is an example of the Olay ProX Restore Eye Cream.  I think it comes in a small tub at $50.00 + tax.  However the per Litre cost of this item is $1332.67  That's freaking robbery!

It gets worse.....

This is the Prox Wrinkle treatment.  That horrific word WRINKLES!  I remember when we loved wrinkles.  They were cute, furry little stuffed animals that every girl and many boys wanted to cuddle with at night.  In fact I still have my wrinkles from my childhood, and now my kids love him.

This Olay ProX "Deep wrinkle Treatment" retails per litre for $1666.33.

In 2003 Goldman Sachs estimated the skin care portion of the beauty market was worth an estimated $24 billion.  They anticipated a 7% growth annually.  If that had held constant, by 2013 that industry would've been worth an estimated $47.2 billion.1

But there was a recession... a housing market crash and unemployment is at a high.... So, vanity of the aging beauties must've taken a hit too right?


On August 28th, 2012, GCI published an article that wrote, "The skin care category has been the cornerstone of beauty and personal care for the past 15 years. It even grew during the global recession, adding a further $15 billion between 2007 and 2011 to reach a value of $96.5 billion"2

Just think of this ladies.  And guess what....Us men... We are aging with you!  In my mid/late 30s now, I'm not ashamed to say that when I surf the internet looking girlie pics.  I'm looking at my age group, not the 19 year old.

You are beautiful.  Embrace the aging.  You are not the age you look, but rather the age you act and feel.  So let loose, and enjoy life.  Use the cash you're not spending on what beauty insiders tell you to buy and have fun with it...  If your fun is to play the markets.... I'd suggest the beauty market, as we've proven that the industry grows as our population ages, with no regard to economic downturns.