Monday, October 29, 2007

The Moving Baby Swing

IF you have this swing, be careful. Some parents put a baby into a swing so they can do some chores around the house. Our baby loves her swing. She swings and naps, giving us time to clean up etc. Well on the weekend, I was doing some computer work, when I noticed little girl was right beside me.

Check out the video.

I called Graco to log a safety concern. They are investigating and appear quite pro-active at this point. I'll keep you up to date!


Anonymous said...

The link you have to your Justice for Fathers Blog is written by a guy who doesn't want to pay child support. I know who these parties are and the entire thing he writes about is fiction that is libelous. He sees his daughter all the time and so do you and your family my friend, so how could you even post a link to these lies

Anonymous said...

Your friend who wrote the Justice for Fathers Blog that you have a link to on your site has spun a big web of lies.
He is angry that he has to pay child support and will stop at nothing (including harming his child emotionally) to try and have it removed from his court order.
His anger rules his life and he needs pschiatric help.
He tells a lot of lies in order to get people to feel sorry for him. Some of them give him money or help him out financially because he is a con artist who plays "poor me" all the time. He takes no responsiblity for his actions and instead blames others for all the perceived wrong that has come his way. People who don't know the whole story fall for it.
He has been given THOUSANDS of dollars from people that he has sucked into his lies. He uses people so that they take on his parental responsibilty to finance his daughter's needs. Even though he always has enough money for his wants/toys. He has used many people in his past that have been suckered and have given him money or helped him out. He chooses to use all his money on lawyers to fight and promote his justice for fathers lunacy. He is able to do this because other people have funded this. He has had it good and has always rode on the coat tails of the people he has used. Including the person he spews his venom about in his blog. He took money from many family members and walked away from his divorce with $40,000 cash in his pocket, all his investments, retirement plan, plus more and he has the nerve to complain and then use people to get more money out of them.
Everything that he has said in his blog is a lie. You should be careful linking to such a thing as it is considered slander.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that Mr. Justice 4 Fathers is remarried to a woman who fuels his hatred against his ex-wife. She herself has stated that the ex-wife "steals money out of her bank account every month" when referring to child support. Mrs. Justice also does not want to work so that the ex-wife can "get her money". That's a really mature way of looking at child support isn't it?
How sad for the little girl involved. The new wife is also good at playing the "poor me" game and assists Mr. Justice in his campaign to sucker people such as rich aunts and grandparents. The two of them need heavy duty psychotherapy in order to get on with their lives so that the little girl in the center of their hatred can go on to live a life free of their crap.

GermanPickle said...


Let's make a couple things clear. First off, you don't know these people who write the Justice 4 fathers blog. If you do, then it's awfully cowardly of you to shoot the messenger by spamming my blog.

Secondly, Once again, you don't know the story behind these peoples' trials and tribulations. You obviously have no experience in how this justice system is biased toward the mother of a child. the Blog you've read is one of NUMEROUS people I know personally that have experienced the inequality of our justice system.

Your comments obviously show that you have some penned up anger toward a male figure. Perhaps your parents never taught you; "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all."

I can't stress enough that it shows complete cowardice that you chose not to comment on the blog itself, but rather to pick on me.

You need to look at the world with an open mind, with unbiased eyes, and see what's really going on. Maybe then you'll see the shit your shoveling.

If only closed minds came with closed mouths. At least then I would have had the last five minutes of my life to do something productive rather than respond to you blabbering bullshit.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you are talking about. You know nothing about the "biased" justice system. You do not know anything about the situation. You only know what you have been told by Mr. Justice. Which is a pile of lies. You have bought into his "poor ol' me" and contribute to his hatred against his ex-wife which in turn harms his child. If you were a respectable person you would not support such immaturity and support/link to a defamatory site that your "friend" wrote.
Justice 4 Fathers (and really, this person should be ashamed of himself and really shouldn't be even calling himself a father) only incites hatred and is meant to attract other miserable deadbeat "parents". Real fathers/parents wouldn't spend their lives living out some revenge fantasy on their ex. Psychologically healthy people would move on with their lives. Mr. & Mrs. Justice are unable to do so. You don't help.
So keep your head in the sand, keep stoking the sociopath's fire and think about what that does to the child involved. You should all be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pickle,

Sir :

I am not a lawyer, but I did stay at the Holiday Inn Express so I know a thing or two.

First: You deal in computer logic, so use your logical reasoning power on this:

Did you ever see the cheque the man wrote for the $ 15,000.00 for access to his child ?

It does not exist.

Did you ever read the papers in the Court of Queen’s bench in the case you have a link to ?

I know you don’t like to read, but you should read the papers.

Now, what kind of a HotShot Lawyer could this person have had, to let him write such a cheque for access to his child ?

That would have been a criminal act and ALL parties would have broken the law.

There are remedies in Family Court where one party denies access. Why did the man not go there ?

Maybe because he sees the kid all the time and has not been denied access.

What kind of access has been denied and when ? By whom ?


YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY of these acts as the man who wrote the Justice Blog because you posted the link to his. You are in essence making this available to a wider public audience. This is injurious and grounds for a civil suit against you too. It is no defense in law if you just repeat but did not originate the defamation.

The fact that the blog was written with malice is also important in civil cases.

You can state your opinion, but you cannot perpetuate this libel. You are the owner of the blog, and you must share in the damages when awarded.

Divorce happens every day in Canada. Most people pick up the pieces and rebuild. Find someone else and learn a lesson from the mistakes of the past. This man did not. He is remarried to another, but has based his life’s work on going after the former wife. What is wrong with this picture? He should have not married again unless he was finished with the first situation. And the child ? What kind of a life is he able to provide for the child ? One based on hate ? You cannot hate that much and be living a loving life.

You did not do your homework and you are talking out of you Pickle !

Yours truly,
Justice for Kids of Divorce

Anonymous said...

Okay, lets cut through the bullshit and really get the truth out here. First of all you state that we do not know these people, What people, in your justice for fathers opening line you clearly state that A PERSON YOU KNOW is trying to stay in his daughters life. So which is it? One person, or more than one person? I will go with the obvious and say it's only one person, and we will call him Mr Justice from here on in.

You say we do not know the trials and tribulations that Mr. Justice has gone through, what about his daughter and what he puts her through? Can Mr. Justice not see how much this affects his daughter? Her emotional state? Her sadness because Mr. Justice refuses to pay for ANYTHING when it comes to her well being and happiness?

Does Mr. Justice truly believe that his daughter has not seen any of his actions and his refusal to pay for anything? Of course she has...she's not stupid.

German Pickle, let me ask you this, if you had a sister that went through a divorce and she had a child with Mr. Justice and Mr Justice refused to pay child support, what would your stance be then? What if he spent years being bitter and constantly tried to mess with her life to try and make it as miserable as his?

Have you German Pickle, been sucked in as well, a true father would pay his child support and not complain. It takes two people to have a child, so are you saying that only one parent should be the sole provider?

Besides, Mr. Justice has not even provided bed sheets for his daughter for his own home, he played the poor me card and had someone else purchase those sheets...what does that tell you about his character? Bedsheets, toiletries, clothes, etc. almost anything you can think of for a child was purchased by somebody else because Mr. Justice was too "poor". It's funny how Mr. Justice always has money for his "needs" like his expensive toys. Or are you of the same mind set. Yet you sit there and bitch that you had to waste 5 minutes of your time to respond to a previous response, who the hell said you had to respond....Nobody...

I will show no cowardice, and comment on your blog, it's awful that you would support such a cause by Mr. Justice, and you DO NOT know the the whole truth. Perhaps you should truly sit down with Mr. Justice and tell him to tell the truth for once, and tell him to get his anger under control and stop blaming everyone else. Perhaps he can tell you what he really walked away with financially. That would be just the start of him telling the truth.

Until you get your head out of your ass and truly see things for what they are perhaps then you will see what things are really all about. It's time Mr. Justice is held accountable for his behaviour and his actions, and then you can ask yourself who is doing the shit shovelling.