Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yuhai Sensei

Funny how small the world can be. Yesterday, I was asked to show a local college student about my job. This student, who was taking the same IT program at College that I graduated from in 1998 was on a mentor-ship program at at our company, and as school is about to start again, he was given a view of different IT positions in our organization. My co-worker friend (who was in my graduating class) came to my cubicle to introduce me to this student. An introduction was not needed, as I recognized my old Elementary School friend instantly.

This friend, let's call him Tom, was a judoka since we were young kids. Tom, had nearly made the Olympics on several occasions And may have even made it a couple times too, I don't know.

We took a couple minutes to catch up on 13 years of not seeing each other. the conversation included his Judo career. As we discussed the martial arts I mentioned to him, that I had taken a few years of Jiu-Jitsu and hoped to get back into it some day.

the world being as small as it is, Tom knew my Sensei and the places where we trained. Sensei Ron Fulton, what a great man. That's when I found out..... Sensei Fulton has passed away...
The place we trained on Thursday nights belonged to Sensei's friend Darwin. He's also passed away.

Strange. I haven't seen these people in years; and based on their age, I knew there was this likelihood, yet I'm saddened. This post is me paying my last respects to Sensei Fulton


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