Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Bike Thief Returns.

I only wish I was there to witness this! I'd love to share a couple words with this individual.

I was parking my bike in the bike compound... (Thanks Humvee for the free bike!)

I opened the lock to the compound and noticed that ... ...

If you look carefully you see the boltcutter imprint in the metal. I wonder what/who spooked the crook, but I wish it was me.

Moral of the story. Lock your bikes in the compound!!


Anonymous said...

time for your company to pony-up and set up a camera there.

I hope the chain in the picture is just used to hold the lock...doesn't look too thick.


GermanPickle said...

There is a camera there. I think the day time security guard doesn't know how to operate the camera. Although my bike was stolen on his shift, he relied on the evening guard to check the tapes. When I asked him the next day he told me to ask the evening guard as the cameras are "His thing"

sophisting said...

Maybe the thief felt your bike was so unbelievably crappy he wanted to give it back.

Hubert said...

Luckily your potential thief is a complete moron. Why would he try to cut the lock, when "oh look..." the chain itself is only about 1/2 as thick!