Tuesday, March 13, 2007

USB Drives... are they worth the hassle?

What's your thought on this?

I've had a Lexar Jump Drive Sport 256mb. Lasted 2 1/2 years before it crapped out, lost some valuable photos, and documents. I expected this one to die as I dropped it in the snow and didn't find it until sprint. It was rusty, but worked for another 1/2 year at least.

Then bought a San Disk Cruzer 512MB. I figured, I have their memory sticks for my digital camera, and they seem rock solid. Shortly after I bought the Cruzer, one of my camera cards died, Sandisk replaced it under warranty. After a little more than a year the Cruzer died. After months of looking for the bill so I could make a warranty claim, I tossed it.

I replaced the cruzer with a Memorex Traveldrive Mini w/U3 512MB drive. the drive was on sale @ futureshop for like 15 bucks. I've maybe had it for 7 months now ('cause I just recently tossed the Cruzer) and just minutes ago, my computer made the USB device disconnect sound. Guess What... Flash Drive's dead!

I kept the bill for this one. But Damn! I've had them die in different PCs so it's not my computer.

Are these flash drives even worth their hassle, or is it just me? SIGH...

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