Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Best mail-in rebate I've ever cashed in.

So on Boxing Day I drove to Futureshop to pick up a new DVD Recorder as mine cashed it in just a few weeks earlier. 


Anybody that's ever gone Boxing Day Shopping totally understands the long line-ups that are all too common at Boxing Day sales. For this very reason, I'm usually anti-Boxing Day, especially as I find that often the savings aren't that huge.  After all, if I were to equate my time to a value, I could safely say that waiting in a line up for 45minutes to save 10 bucks over a regular sale would be stupid.  Despite better judgment and the fact that Boxing Day Sales now extend the entire week, I ended up in the Futureshop on the 26th of December nonetheless.


As I waited in line, for what seemed to be an eternity, I noticed a store flyer on the shelf next to me.  Since I had nothing pressing to do, I decided to do some "quality reading".


One of the smaller items in the flyer was a TrendNet WiFi Router w/USB Dongle, in a kit.  The ad stated "regular 49.99, 9.99 after savings." Then it stated 15.00 instant rebate, $20.00 mail in rebate.  I already have a router, but I figured; TEN Bucks!  Can't go wrong for that I can sell it for more than that on eBay!


But was a $10.00 router/USB adapter worth waiting in line all over again?  Nahh...  Screw it.  The flyer hit the shelf from whence it came.  Then a Saviour in red came by.  A young Saleswoman (wearing the standard red Futureshop golf shirt) was trolling the cashier lines, asking people "anything you've forgotten?  Let me know, and I'll grab it for you.  No need to leave the line."  Sa-weeet.


Almost a month later, I had finally decided to mail in the rebate.  I pulled out the receipts and noticed that the rebate amounts were separate for each item.  The router rebate was $30.00 and the WIFI dongle rebate was $15.00.  No I didn't miss type.  I'm actually looking a photo copy of the receipts right now.  So, let’s recap.  I bought a Router and WiFi adapter for 35.00 plus tax.  That's $39.55 after tax.  Yesterday I got a cheque in the mail from TrendNet.  The value, $45.00


I almost forgot to mention.  I posted the Router on and sold it for $25.00 


Okay, I can't pay off my mortgage on this deal, but Canada wide, I wonder how much free money went back to consumers like myself.


Who needs a brand new WiFi USB adapter... For Sale CHEAP.      ;)  

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