Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No More expiry on Gift Cards; Hopefully.

In Ontario, it is illegal to put restrictions on gift cards from merchandisers.  Yesterday CJOB reported that Manitoba is seriously looking at following suit.    This legislation would be covered under the Consumer Protection Act.  If you ever have used a gift card, you are probably away of some of their restrictions.  


Futureshop gift cards for example, can not be used to pay off your Futureshop card.   Some gift cards, expire after six months also.   As far as I see it.  Money given to the retailer in exchange for a certificate should be a binding contract.  An individual has given a retailer money in good faith that the voucher can be used for merchandise of the card holders choosing.  To put limitations of this is a crock. 


Boy, do I hope this law passes!

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