Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Can't we all just play nice?

A few days ago, this hit the news. 


17-year-olds Amy and Jesse Pasternak won their case in front of the Manitoba Human Right's Commission last week, allowing them to try out for the boys' team. They argued a rule preventing them from playing was discriminatory.”


The story is that the two girls mentioned went to the human rights commission because although a women’s team was available they wanted to play with the boys on the men’s team.  The human rights commission awarded them $7000 in damages to go toward coaching.  After all was said and done, they didn’t make the team


Yesterday, I heard on the news that boys are signing up to play on the girls team.  As the high school ridicule of “Steve’s playing on the GIRLS team” could be a major blow to the male ego; there’s only 3 reasons why I could see boys wanting to play on the girls hockey team.  Here they are from what I perceive to be most likely to least likely.


  1. They want to drive the point why Men’s and Women’s hockey has been separated, by playing very physical.
  2. Plain and simple.  Many rinks only have 1 locker area per team.  Co-ed showering anyone?
  3. A boy doesn’t make the cut on the boys team so decides to go to the girls team as the physical requirements are less.


Knowing how my friends reacted in high school, I should have reversed option 1 and 2.  Nonetheless, doesn’t anybody else seem something wrong here?  Is it that bad that we reserve the right to separate certain things by gender?  Any woman that works out in a Women’s only club would most likely agree with me.  I could take the stand point that it’s against my human right to not be allowed to work out there, but realistically.  I know women have different needs then men. 


How can two people that are physically different, be considered equal?  Scientific experiments have shown time and time again that there are cases where men excel and cases where women excel.  Why must we try to equalize something that Nature has made unequal.  Men and women complement each other, a woman makes up for a man’s short comings and a man makes up for a woman’s short comings.  By no means are we equal.  Not physically, mentally or in any other aspect. 


Let me make one thing clear.  Now that I have completely shot down equality here; how do I feel about women in a workplace?  This is the simplest one to answer.  I haven’t shot down equal opportunity, I’ve only shot down the way governments, and social groups have defined equal opportunity.  Personally I can’t believe how this ever became an issue.  It’s quite simple.  A job opening exists as there is a need to fulfill a service.  A person with proper qualifications should fill this position regardless of age, religion, gender, size, color, etc.  Saying that Women are encouraged to apply, or minorities are encouraged to apply, is not equality, it is socially accepted discrimination.  But my explanation of that is another rant.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what happened before there was equal opportunity regulations? White males got all the jobs regardless of qualifications. If you were a minority applying for a job a white male wanted, well, you just didn't get it. But I suppose, being a white male and all, you think this was an ideal arrangement.

GermanPickle said...

You obviously didn't read my post. Try reading the last paragraph again.

I have no issue with equal opportunity, in fact I think it's great, and should be encouraged. However, By positing in a job posting that preference will be given to "Visual Minority and female applicants" is not equal opportunity either, and it happens.

Furthermore, Equal opportunity, and equal rights has and should have some limits. Men and women are different. Look at our bodies, if you deny that we're different you're fooling yourself. Co-Ed sporting leagues accommodate the equality, whereas gender specific leagues cater to each specific gender, and there's nothing wrong with that. That's my point.

You don't see men competing in the Women's Olympic events, and perhaps you think this should be okay?

Anonymous said...

I did read it, but you don't understand the word 'equality' as it is being used here. It does not mean everyone is equal, it means that something is being done to OFFSET the inherent, UNEQUAL preferential treatment that white males get otherwise. I wish you could get rid of equal opportunity regulations AND be sure that the best, most qualified person would get the job, but history has proven that THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN. And so measures have to be taken to level the playing field for non white males, in order to achieve true equality. Maybe if you were in a position to hire someone you WOULDN'T discriminate, and so you can't understand why someone would, but trust me, other people do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the foreign pickle, women are abviously the weeker gender. The low percentage of women in mentally and physically demanding professions proves this.

It's true that in the past discrimination was in the males favour, but now that it's in the womens favour they still can't step up and do the work.