Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Saddlesore 1000 Prep Update 2

Okay another evening of wrenching.  The following progress was made last night.


-          Repaired the Instrument illumination so I can see my speedo at night!

-          Refitted the carburetors

-          Replaced the rear turn signals, and they look sweet.

-          Ripped a turn signal apart and fixed the front signal

-          Re assembled fairing and connected electrical.

-          Mounted fuel tank

-          Mounted tail end

-          Mounted side panels

-          Mounted seat

-          Attached kick stand

-          Full system electrical test (except ignition)



To Do.


-          Mount exhaust pipes

-          Fill gas tank

-          Start engine to prove it runs

-          Have carburetors serviced

-          Figure out GPS mount.


Probability of being ready for the SaddleSore1000 on June 17th 95% up from 90% yesterday. 


The route has changed slightly.  We’ve decided to drive North through the Narrows and through the city of Dauphin.  The Sites are supposed to be much nicer, and therefore less boring.    I’m getting extremely excited, I can barely contain myself.  I want to RIDE…  I have a hunger for the open roadway.

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