Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Saddlesore - 1000 The Final Countdown.

Well it's 3 sleeps away. And here's the latest list of work done.

- New plugs
- Synchronized Carburetors
- Added shims to the slide needle to richen the fuel air mixture
- Built a GPS mount for the bike.
- Had the locksmith fix 2 keys that worked in the ignition, but not
other locks.
- Valve adjustment check

On the way to work today, the bike hesitated like crazy, until it warmed
up. Once it warmed up it ran quite well. The valve ticking that
started a couple days ago has not subsided. I believe that something
has happened there, but I'm not going to pull the motor again, I know
the valve adjustment values, and I know the compression in the
cylinders. I'll do a head job in fall.

I looked for my saddle bags yesterday, and I can't find them anywhere.
I'm trying to think where I had them last. Did I leave them someplace?
Did they fly off the bike (Almost impossible) or were they stolen? I
just can't remember. I think on Saturday I had them on the bike, and on
Monday evening, they were not on the bike when I picked it up from the
shop. I called the shop but they aren't open on Wednesdays. So after
all my big mouth comments on not wearing a backpack.... watch, I'll be
wearing a bloody backpack on the ride. $&%@!

There are a couple things I still need to do on the bike before this
ride materializes. First, I want to put another set of shims under the
needle to richen it out a little more. I think it helped enough to
warrant another set. Second, I need to make myself a power cable for
the GPS. I know where to plug it in on the bike, and I have the plug
already, I just need to make the cable and put the connectors on.
Hoping that I'll get to that tonight.

So aside from the saddlebags, and the 4 extra shims, I think I'm just
about ready. Mentally I'm pumped, but a little worried at the same
time. I think the out ride will be great, but the in ride will be
absolute horror.

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