Monday, June 5, 2006

Getting Ready for the SaddleSore 1000

I'm getting ready for the most challenging motorcycle ride I've ever done...The SaddleSore1000. My friend Richard and I are doing the ride together and it'll be a blast! To qualify for certification for the ride, we must cover 1000 Miles (1,620km) in under 24hours, and provide witnesses and gas receipts for proof.

The ride is an unscheduled ride, so we make up our own route and departure date. We've spent hours on top of hours discussing the dates and routes we thought would work. We've settled on June 17th and a Westward route that will take us from Winnipeg, to Saskatoon, then through Moose Jaw, before turning around and coming along Highway #1 back to the 'Peg.

I've spent hours working on my bike for this ride. I'm putting my motor back into the frame tonight, and then the bike's going to the shop for a carb syncro adjustment.

Hopefully the bike will run real well then, and I'll be ready for the ride.

I still need to fix the display lights at the speedo and I need to make a rig for the GPS. Once that's done, it's time for a shake down test drive. A few hundred kms should do it.

the big ride's under 2 weeks away, and I have to get my ass in gear. Here's an early revision of the schedule. It doesn't have the ride into Mooose Jaw calculated in it, but it give you a rough idea.

07:00 - start oakbank
07:05 - get timestamped receipt from Bank machine in Oakbank
07:07 - Head North to Garven road.
07:10 - Left on Garven
07:12 - South on 59
07:17 - West on 101 North
07:43 - Gas Stop in Headingley (56KM into the ride)
07:50 - Depart Fuel Stop - Head West #1 to Hwy 16
08:44 - Turn N. on Hwy 16
09:44 - Arrive Neepawa Continue Hwy 16
10:00 - Turn N. on Hwy 10
10:05 - Turn W. on Hwy 16
11:28 - Arrive Russell MB, Shell rest/fuel (386KM in, 330 since last fuel)
12:58 - depart head West #16
13:58 - Turn N. onto 9 (486KM)
14:00 - Arrive Yorkton - Left on Broadway
14:03 - Right on Gladstone Ave. N.
14:04 - Left on Hwy 16 (489KM)
16:00 - Arrive Lanigan, SK - Fuel/Break (693Km in, 307KM since last fuel)
16:10 - Depart Lanigan West
17:12 - Arrive Saskatoon, Turn Right Boychuk Dr. (807km)
17:16 - Left onto 8St. E
17:18 - Arrive Vern's Pizza (812 km)
17:28 - depart, West 8th S. E
17:28 - Turn Left onto Circle Drive.(becomes #11)
20:08 - Exit right onto ring road east (1060KM)
20:13 - Exit Vicoria Ave E. to Hwy #1
20:14 - Turn left # 1
20:15 - Next fuel Stop/break (1068KM in, 375km since last fuel)
20:30 - depart #1 East
24:00 - Arrive Brandon Fuel/Break (1427 in, 359 since last fuel) - 17Hr Mark
02:00 - arrive Perimeter Fuel (1620KM im, 193 since last fuel) - 19Hr Mark
02:20 - Arrive @ Richard's finish Celebrate
03:10 - I arrive home.

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gfroese said...

My saddle is sore just reading that post.
Good luck.