Friday, March 31, 2006

Easter Health Hazard. - Caramilk Eggs.

Just a notice for all of you that may be buying Easter chocolates this year. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a Health Hazard Alert regarding hard plastic pieces that may be found in Cadbury Caramilk Eggs.

The affected products include the 39 gram Cadbury Caramilk, Caramilk Maple, and Caramilk cafe flavours, in the singles or multipacs. There has already been one injury reported from the consumption of these products.

For more info, please visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Website and the health hazard alert.

Personally, these eggs are my favorite Easter chocolate, so I'm somewhat disappointed, but by now the affected product has hopefully been replaced in stores.

Have a safe and
Happy Easter.

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Anonymous said...

What will Easter be w/o your easter eggs of choice? I think roasted rabbit would be a welcomed change and can round you up a couple as in retirement I don't have a lot to do. Do you have a colour preference?