Monday, December 5, 2005

Why I'll NEVER buy domestic again!

We have a 2000 Dodge Neon.  The cars got 80,000KM on it not much at all, considering my Nissan trucks running strong at 310,000KM and my Porsche 944 has 230,000KM and still motoring along.

I did an oil change on the Neon a few weeks back and noticed an oil leak.   I took the car to the local Mechanic Shop, to find the leak.  I expected it to be a crank seal as that seemed to be the location of the leak.   Today I get a call from the mechanic.  Apparently, one of the main engine seals is shot, meaning an engine pull, and ship off to the machine shop.  The mechanic told me that since the engine needs to be pulled, and split apart, we should consider a full re-build. 

Did I mention this car has 80,000km on it?  How is it possible, that after 80,000KM, a failure so significant can occur that it justifies a FULL REBUILD?  What happened to the whole promise of 100,000Km before the first scheduled tune up?    Im completely pissed!     Theres absolutely no reason for a $2.00 seal to go after that amount of use. 

Furthermore, literally for pennies more, the manufacturer could have put a better seal/gasket in there.  Even if it raised the price of the car $50.00 (which would be like 100x markup), theres absolutely no reason for this.  Instead I have to pay a shop rate to yank a motor and motor and put it back in.  Never mind the cost of the actual work!    And the Domestic manufacturers wonder why theyre financially strapped.  Who I ask you the reader; would you go out and buy a Neon now? 

I want my Accord back.

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