Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Castles Castles Everywhere.

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While recently on my honeymoon, I took multiple opportunities to seek out castles and various other medieval structures. I was once again in awe much like when I was a kid visiting some of these places. However this time it was different for me.

Touching the walls it was as if I could hear and see the people of times past within these gates.

It saddens me to think of Canada, and it's young history. To know that 100 year old buildings are considered derelict and torn down. We are destroying our history for new Arenas and other complexes. If you have a chance, even if you don't like history, go to an old castle, touch a wall, stop and think... Who built the wall? Who built the cobblestone road. Who lived here? Why? When? It's mindblowing.

Worst of all why can't we build buildings as nice and durable as this anymore?

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