Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fed up with Internet Archive and Ourmedia.

Well if you are a listener of my Podcast, available on my other blog. then you're probably aware of my problems with getting the InternetArchive and to host the podcasts. I've read a few things on their site forums about how unfriendly and frustrating this is for others that I decided not to put up with it anymore. I took the plunge and signed up with a webhost. I don't know how well they work yet as I have to wait for the account to be setup.

So what does this mean? A new .com and a new place to host my content. Well To you, the reader it means that wedding information will move from to This blog mayl also slowly go extinct and become joined with the podcasts blog. as I may have blogger update an html file on my new host instead for personal bloggings.

This will all happen after I return from the honeymoon. For now, I'm just going to copy files over and get the bloody podcast working.


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