Monday, July 4, 2005

Pickle to start Podcasting.

Good Day,

Some people may ask what podcasting is. Well in it's simplest explanation, it's a like a home based radio show that is saved to mp3 file, then posted on the internet for other people to download. Podcasting empowers the people to have a voice and be heard in a way that was only available to those that worked in radio which is heavily controlled by corporations and government. Here's a quote from another podcast called the daily source code.

Something remarkable is happening here. Radio is springing free of the regulated gate keepers who've managed what you can hear since radio was invented. It's jumping into the hands of anyone at all with something or nothing to say.
The name podcasting may imply the listener needs an iPod but this isn't true. Any mp3 player would work for listening to podcasts. Podcasts can be downloaded off the show's website or by using tools that automatically monitor the podcasts you're interested in for new episodes. Why am I telling you this????

I've decided to start podcasting. I don't have a podcast up yet, but I will soon. It will be called the Uber Odd Geekpod. My fiancee named it for me. She says I'm odd and that I'm a geek so she put them together and came up with the name after I had recorded the initial show (which at the time was called the TTTCast.)

I've decided not to post the original episode as the contact info in the show is all wrong now that I've renamed it. I was also quite tired during the first show, and as such sounded even more monotone than I normally am. I expect the first podcast to be ready before July 10th so that I can still hit part of the iTunes wave.

the show will be 80% tech 20% everything else. I will discuss, usually with a co-host tech related items ranging from wireless headphones to digital cameras and everything in between. We'll also discuss some interesting programs that may help you with your computer experience. I'll also have an interesting website reference for each show, and then answer a computer question from each person.

I don't know the dot com for the show yet, but I expect to have it up in the next day or two. I'm still mulling over .com names.

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