Monday, April 11, 2005

The slow Death of the Citizen's Band

On Friday, I installed a CB Radio in my truck. It took about 20 minutes to do, and it seems to work fairly well when I tested it against a handheld unit I have. However, the radio was quite silent I was in the truck over the weekend. Maybe there's a need for a tweak, or maybe I'm just too old.

I remember being 16 years old. I bought my first car from my Uncle. It was a 1980 Plymouth Volare. I paid a $600.00 for the car. The very first thing I did with this car after I insured it was drive down to my buddy Bob's house, picked him up and then nailed the train tracks on his road at 100KM/h successfully bringing all four wheels off the ground for a few seconds.

Shortly thereafter I installed a CB radio in it also. An older Jana 40 channel that was given to me from a friend who's dad owned a trucking company. I used to hit channel 2 or 10 whenever I drove to Winnipeg for work. and it was always busy. 10 - 15 people chatting away about anything under the sun. Channel 19 was (and still is favored by truckers) and there were patches of other people on other channels. This was of Course all before the days of cheap cell phones and the Internet.

After I sold the Volare, I didn't use the cb for a few years. Only on occassion when I was driving down the highways with friends. It wasn't until I got my van in 1999 that I would start to use the CB again.

This was short lived. I think I only talked on the van CB once or twice. Casual evening radio buffs had probably moved to the Internet chat lines by now.

I gave the CB another chance in 2002 on a road trip to Pennsylvania. Surprisingly, I found the radio more useful than my Radar detector. The traffic on the radio kept me informed of upcoming speed traps weather and even directions when construction zones blocked major routes. I instantly became a CB Supporter again.

I bought another vehicle off my uncle. This time it was a 1987 Nissan King Cab truck. I wanted to install my CB from 2002 but when I tested to see if it still worked, I accidently burned it out wit reverse polarity. I felt like a major dolt for doing it too. My buddy Richard gave me his CB unit to install in the truck and well.. so far it's been very quite but only time will tell if the days of the CB are history.

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