Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Lance Armstrong To Retire after the Tour De France.

Lance Armstrong has announced that this year's Tour de France (july 2nd - 24th) will be the end of his professional bicycle racing career. Although not a road racing fan myself, Lance was and will be an inspiration to many men for years to come. To many Americans he is what Terry Fox is to Canada.

In 1994 Lance was diagnosed with Brain, Lung and testicular cancer. He was given a 40% chance to live. In 1997 he was declared Cancer free and shortly there after; in 1999 he won his first Tour de France. Since then he's done this another 5 times. This year he's hoping for a record 7th win. (which would break his own record.) Lance was quoted,

If I was to win it, I would be the oldest champion in modern history and my dream is to go out on top."

That being said, Lance has commited to walking away, win or lose.
"I'll definitely have the itch to return but the decision is final - I'm 100% committed," he said in a recent interview.

People like Lance don't come around too often, but when they do the people of the world stop, listen, watch and dream once again.

Best of luck to you Lance!

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