Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Google Sat Maps! Photo of my parent's place

Google's done it again! Google maps now has a Satellite mapping option. These pictures are full color and appear to be fairly recent as Winnipeg's Riverfront Drive and the round-a-bouts are on the maps. The MTS Centre is on the map too. The details vary depending on where you zoom in. I guess the more remote areas are updated less frequently also.

This is a free service (so far) and most impressive, One day I bet GPS software will have these kinds of maps standard.

The only thing I noticed so far, is that I couldn't pin point according to Co-ordinates. That may have been user error, or maybe it'll be a possibility in the future. For now, Mapquest is history.

See if you can see your home. go to http://maps.google.com

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