Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My puffer Fish.

A month ago, I bought my fiancee a new aquarium for her birthday. She already had a 15 gallon tank, but wanted to move bigger. I gave her a 35 gallon tank and built her a stand. Unfortunately, most of the fish in the 15 galloner got infected with an internal parasite known as Camallanus. A.K.A. "Ass worms". Awe checked the Internet for treatments etc. Would you believe it. We called almost everywhere. No one had treatment for internal parasites in stock. we tried the old trick of adding salt and boosting the heat, but alas, the majority of the fish were goners.

We slowly built up the new tank. Now properly cycled, we went out and bought a couple fish on Friday. I picked out a figure 8 Puffer. I named him Elliot. How did I come up with that? Simple. Puffer fish = puff. Puff was the Magic Dragon. Pete's had a Dragon. Pete's Dragon was Elliot. So my puffer is named Elliot.
Here's a picture of the little guy!
picture 1 of Elliot
picture 2 of Elliot

You can see in the photo that he just ate. He's a little pig!

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