Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kid's Birthday Party.....

My daughter turns 6 next month, and she's got grand hopes and ideas for her birthday party. If she knew how to use the phone and pay the bills, I'm sure she'd have the house re-mortgaged and the party planned already.

Fact of the matter is.  I'm in no mood to spend $300 to organize a 90 minute birthday party for my daughter and her little friends..... So.... I'm running through some ideas for the birthday party.

6 years old., I think that the kids may be a little too small for bowling.  But, it's definitely it was a favorite in my youth.

Swimming Party
There are several pools that the city rents out for parties.  Definitely something to consider.

Renting a bouncer
we have a big back yard.  Renting a bouncer would definitely be a fun event for the kids.  We could BBQ hotdogs for the kids and they could all have a blast, but it's a $200.00  rental.

Humane Society
The Humane society hosts kid's birthday parties.  This is kinda cool as they bring pets into the room for little kids to play with.  the money they raise goes to a good cause also.  

As bowling... I think 6 may be a little young for minigolf, but something to consider for the future years.

Any other ideas???