Monday, March 25, 2013

Driving Wars...

While sitting at home channel surfing tonight, I stumbled on a Discovery Channel show called "Driving Wars"

If we haven't heard of enough "Wars" reality TV shows....   Parking Wars, Shipping Wars, Storage Wars, Border Wars, and on and on and on....  Really what kind of crap is this going to be??

So, decide to PVR the night;y news, and flip the channel.

Leave it up to the British, much like the originality of Junkyard Wars. (AKA Scrapheap) Driving Wars, is not a reality show, but rather a game show.

From what's I've learned in one episode, the premise of the show is simple.  2 teams of  Three compete each other in "virtual Driving challenges", performing driving stunts.

The teams take turns sitting in a driving simulator, which is linked via remote control to a real car on a course.   The simulator has a video feed of what's happening in the car on the course.  The teams now compete to complete the driving challenges.  For example. the episode I saw had the teams drive a car through an obstacle course and onto a semi trailer.

Sound interesting?  The Show is on Discovery Channel.  Here's a YouTube video I found with a teaser.