Tuesday, June 6, 2006

SaddleSore1000 Prep update.

The SaddleSore 1000 is a day closer.   The motorcycle engine is back together (I really hope I didn’t screw that job up!), and made it back into the frame last night, but not before the neighborhood heard me use a collaboration of words that I didn’t even know existed!  Engine electrical is all connected. Sprocket and chain are on.   Horns are back on, oil cooler’s in place and carbs are on (but need to come off again).  Before packing it in, I replaced the rear left turn signal with a short stalk signal, just to make sure it fits.


 Honest probability of my bike not being ready and adequately tested before the ride 10% and declining.


Tonight the bike needs the following work.

-          Rear right turn signal replacement, and front left turn signal repair.

-          Trouble shoot instrument lighting and repair (right now I can’t see my speed after dark, not a good thing.)

-          Reconnect the auspuff. (I’m teaching you German… What’s an Auspuff?)

-          Reconnect the Kick stand.

-          Remove the carbs, connect the throttle cable, and mount the carbs again. Dumbass me forgot to connect the vroomie handle to the carburetors.  (and yes vroomie handle was a term used in a foreign language section of a dirtbike manual I read once)

-          Remount front fairing

-          Mount and connect the fuel tank

-          Connect computer module

-          Mount saddle

-          System Test


After all that, I will roll it our of the garage, keep the gas off, and crank it over for a good while to try and get oil back into the heads.  After a good cranking, I’ll add some vroomie fluid and give it a go.  She should start, but run like crap.  If so Success, and off to the shop for a carb synchronization. 

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