Monday, May 29, 2006

Always shop around... Part One.

Always shop around.... And you never know when a deal will fall in your lap.

A little over a week ago, my dad asked me to keep an eye open for a good, used, cheap, lawn tractor. You see, my dad bought a nice Kubota a year ago, but doesn't want to beat the thing into the ground, so he wanted a second one for mowing the approx. 2acre section of their yard that has untouched prairie grass (and is very uneven).

So on Friday, I'm heading home from work, and I see that a town I pass thru on the way home is having a "Town Garage Sale"... I was going to pass by, but I looked at the clock, and knew there was no time I could make it to the post office to pick up my mail, so I stopped. I bought a hot dog and a Diet coke from the church, and checked out the garbage sales.., I mean garage sales. Like usual 95% were crap. 65 year old ladies selling the 1976 Eaton's winter catalog for $5.00 or selling those hideos 1980 bedroom lamps that were just a square piece of glass.. You know the ones I mean... those cheap hangers, holding the suspended glass. I thought I had wasted my time. Deflated. I jumped in the truck to head home.

That's when I say a blown over sign that said "more sales in the Community Club"... Why not? I drove the block and checked it out. It wasn't garage saleish in there either... more bake saleish. Which was okay. Then I saw some DVDs, and then I noticed a photo on a sign of a lawn tractor. (finally the story is comming together)

The sign said $200.00. Yup $200 I asked the guy..

"What's the deal with the tractor? does it run?"

"Yup, it runs, but I have to tell you, I was mowing the lawn on Monday, and when I finshed I noticed a little oil leaked out of the motor"

"But it runs?"

"Yup, I asked a guy I know, and he said it's a most likely a Head gasket, which would cost about $100.00 with labor to repair, but I'm not a repair kind of guy. I just bought a new one."

"There's nothing else wrong with it?"

"Nope, I'm not a mechanic, and I'd rather just sell it than tinker."

This sounds too good to be true... I call my old man... Tell hm about it, and ask him what he thinks. He's touch and go based on my description. I tell my dad to think and call me back.

I look at DVDs. .. In the background I hear cell phone ring after cellphone ring. Each time I hear the guy say "leaks a little oil, nope not home now, you can come look at it in 1/2 hour"

I am quite convinced it's a deal now. I reach in my pocket, and pull out a nice crisp Sir Robert Borden, and say tothe guy (while he's still on the phone)

"Hey, you say it runs right.... If it runs, here's a hund, the next hund at pickup."

"um...", speaking back to the phone, "you know, I think I just sold it, can I call you back later?"

He ended the call, wrote me a letter stating the down pmt. and I agreed to call him in 1/2 when he's at home as his daughter is taking over the sale stand.

I went home, emptied the truck, and called him. When I drove to his place, there was a car waiting incase I didn't show up. The tractor ran GREAT! Clean oil, clean oil filter.. the works... this tractor was well maintained. about 10-15ml of oil was puddled on the frame under the engine.

I took this tractor to my dad's place, he was impressed. We figure this thing would sell as is no prob for $500. we laughed we drove it, and we had a beer. It pays to shop around.

(the photo is not the actual tractor, although it looks quite similar)

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