Monday, November 21, 2005

Steadman Giving away their Music Library!

I recently heard an interview with a British band named Steadman.  They have a pop music style, some songs having an Oasis type sound.  The band was signed by a major label a few years back, and then the label was merged into another company.  When that deal went sour, they went Indie and moved to the USA. They then signed under Elektra.  One morning they showed up at the office  and they asked, "Where is everybody?".   to which they were told, "Oh They've been fired".  Elektra was bought out by Atlantic.  

At this point the band said that Atlantic had nothing invested in them, and wanted out of the deal....  12 months later, they were free of their contract, and back in the Indie scene, selling their music in places like  Now, Steadman has decided to stay in the Indie scene as most labels don't offer publishing contracts.  (I believe publishing contracts are the contracts where the artist maintains the copyright, but I'm not sure.)

Steadman has gotten rave reviews from some real music icons.  For example, Paul McCartney said the following about Steadman:

"The band steadman have the songs, the musicianship, the energy and the enthusiasm to blow the top any club, arena or if given a listen, have the rare quality, the ability to deliver.  I Like this band"

So, what's with the free music you ask?  Well, Steadman wants to be successful in self marketing, and will be selling their future albums through indie channels.  So, Steadman is giving away their entire back catalog for FREE off their website,   There is a donation button on their site.  If you like the music, consider donating, or just enjoy all 150 songs. Simon Steadman, is hoping that Podcasters will help spread his bands music and that people will enjoy it.   I've downloaded most of their tracks already.  

I hope Steadman does really well.   It will be nice to see another band show the music industry that the times of them pushing artists around is over; so go download the music, copy it for all your friends and crank it in your radios.   :-)

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