Friday, November 25, 2005

I chose Citibank, not Sony

Six years ago I got myself a Citibank MasterCard, because they put the cardholders photo on the front.  In the past, I've found that my signature was rarely verified, furthermore, I could even have a friend take my card and use it without suspicion.  This made it clear to me, that I needed something extra for protection.   Shortly after I received my card, I noticed that Citibank was offering a card that earned Points toward Sony products.   I saw this as an awesome opportunity to earn points toward  new receiver or something else Sony.  

This week I received mail from Sony.  They are no longer partnering up with Citibank, and the Sony card, will now be offered under MBNA.  I always thought that I was a Citibank Customer.  Everytime I called to check my balance, or to talk with customer support, I always spoke with Citibank personnel.   As a result, I was quite surprised to see the letter from Sony; furthermore the fact that in January 06, I will receive an MBNA credit card.  

I called Citibank, and asked them to move me off my Sony card onto another one of their cards.  They told me they can not.   Apparently I need to re-apply for a card through Citibank and then cancel the Sony Citibank Card.   Strange.

So now I have just over 50,000 points, and I wonder what I should buy with my points.  I have several options.  What are your thoughts?

I can get one of these options with my points.
  1.  24 inch Wega TV and 6 Movie passes
  2.  20 Inch TV and a 256 MB MP3 Player.  
  3. 7.1 MP Sony digital camera
  4. DTS 7.1 Receiver
  5. Dolby Digital 6.1 Receiver and 6 movie passes.

    Option 1 burns up all my points leaving 3 points, and the TV in my bedroom died.   So it's a favorite.  I like the sound of a 7.1MP camera, but I have a 3.1MP with 10x optical zoom, and I don't need to worry about buying different memory cards.  I could use a new receiver  but I'd need new speakers too then....  The 20 inch TV would adequately replace the 20 incher in the bedroom, but would a Sony MP3 player quench my iPod envy?

    It's just too hard to decide......  what would you do?  have a look at their catalog.  What would you do with 50,553 points?

1 comment:

gfroese said...

I'd boycott them and their rootkits!!!

Ahem, sorry.
Just another shady deal by Sony. I hate them.

I'd personally get the camera as I'm close to being in the market anyway. Other than that I think I'd get the receiver (hmm, both 7.1).

And the 256MB player will multiply your Ipod envy, it will not cure it.