Thursday, June 9, 2005

Tuvalu small with Big Impact

Tuvalu, what is it? Many of you may ask? Well, Tuvalu is a tiny country in the south pacific. How small? Well the country, which consists of several coral atolls, has an area of 26 Square Kilometers and an estimated 11,636 residents. The country has approx. $22.5 Million dollars in annual revenue, but aside from some phosphate mining and postage stamps, has no exports agriculture or minerals. So how do they make their money? Tourism you may think, but only approximately 1000 people visit Tuvalu annually.

So, how does this tiny country have the huge impact I am claiming it has? Well there’s 2 reasons.

1. tv! Not Television, but .tv. Tuvalu’s Top Level Domain on the Internet is .TV Tuvalu leased out it’s .TV TLD for $50 million in royalties for roughly another 10 years. This money was said to go toward development. So every time you go to a .tv website, you know that royalties went back to the little country of Tuvalu

2. Telecommunications. Tuvalu’s access number is a “900” number. By selling access to their “900” area codes, they can generate revenue.

It’s interesting how a little group of islands, among the most remote areas of our planet can impact our daily lives, in a way that we don’t even realize. So next time you register your Internet Domain consider a TV domain as it will help develop the islands.

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