Monday, June 6, 2005

Politics. Why I won't blog about it. (except this once....)

I told myself on day one of this blog, that I wouldn't post anything political. This will be the closest I go into political discussions, and I will only offer my view of other people, not the politics that drive their views.

About a month ago, I signed up to a system that allows a user to browse member blogs, and in turn gets people to visit my blog. My goal was to keep my blog away from the "Hi today I went fishing and mowed the lawn" format, and instead offer more factual wide interest content. (Okay my thumb blog doesn't fit with that vision, but come on, it was a nasty photo all should see!)

Surfing the BlogExplosion Blogosphere made me aware of something very unsettling. Political views of people. Not so much the views, but the extremity of these views. Unfortunately most of the extreme views were American political blogs rather than UK, Canadian or other nationalities. I found this very unsettling. Here's what I've learned reading some of these blogs.
  1. Many political thinkers appear to believe in "Your with them or against them". The impression I get is that as a Republican, you must agree to Everything republican, and criticize everything Democratic, and Vice Versa.
  2. News and facts that criticize your party or your line of thought are lies, and complete hogwash regardless of the evidence to the contrary
  3. In some cases, these people will not associate as friends with people once they realize they're views lie with the other party
  4. Businesses that appear Left wing, will be boycotted by right wingers and vice versa.

This is very unsettling to me. I find that the nature of the freedoms we have as human beings regardless of where we live, should allow us to understand the world and thusly question those things we are told. Do we no longer heed the warnings of don't believe everything you see on TV, don't believe everything you read, and don't believe everything you hear? When have we lost our curiousity and decided to become lemmings, following a leader regardless of where he/she leads us? In this black and White world so many live in, where has the color gone, and don't you miss it?

Fact is, that no matter where we look in our "Free Lives" we are being controlled, at very least it is attempted. Media will only show us what we are "allowed to see" to keep us in conformity. Whether a car salesmen, or a politician, we are only fed the crap they want us to hear, many times being complete fallacies. Why do we beg for more of this by not busting out and saying
"WHOAA... That's a load of horse manure and I want the truth... I don't buy your crap and I won't listen to the kaka-poo-poo your shovelin'"

Free will is dead and we don't even realize it. None of us are "free" Freedom? What's that like? I don't think any of us will ever know as long as we allow the crap to flow.

That's just my perspective......

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