Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sign the Petition Asking U2 to Perform in Winnipeg

Somebody has made a petition requesting that the U2 Management consider a tour stop in Winnipeg. Why do we even need to do this? What happened to the promises of Big Names arriving with the MTS Centre? Rod Stewart, Motley Crue, Randy Bachman, Bob Seger.. these are the people that performed at MTS Centre... are these the Big Bands we were promised? No offense to any fans of these people, heck I'm a fan of the Crue too, but come on... these bands are all fading. They're Glory Days were in the 80's... Who's next Whitesnake and Poison? Maybe the Bangles? If these stars were in the sky we'd call them White Dwarfs! This isn't what we meant with Big Names!

I guess some people would argue the same point with U2. They've been around for a few decades now, and a good chunck of their fans are aging with them. But those people are wrong! I don't see a Bob Seger iPod, or the MotleyCrue Mp3 Player! That alone says something about U2. People are still buying their recordings in masses.

Now that I've whined go sign the petition so we can get U2 back to the 'Peg! My signature was number 7751 We need WAY more than that to show the U2 management we mean business!

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