Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Saskatchewan Mineral Spa Shoot-Out Part 2

So, we did appreciate the mineral content of the water and won't dispute the minerals therapeutic benefits, but this weekend was about a get away and some her and I quiet time. When we returned to the hotel room we decided not to stay the second night if we could get in at the Temple Gardens. I called the Temple and they had a room for $110.00 a night. We figured that essentially we'd be paying close to the same but getting 4 1/2 star service. True our room now was $88.00 and the temple was $110, but puchasing 2 day passes to the spa was an extra 11.70 after tax and Manitou Springs expected a $2.00 towel rental for the mineral pools. We'd definitely need more than the towels available in our rooms if we were going to get the day pass!

The drive to Moose Jaw was only 1 hour 45 minutes, yet it placed us 2 hours closer to home for the drive because we'd head home on the Trans Canada instead ( and my chance of getting a photo of the inukshuk disappeared.) Another missed photo opp. came when we passed some interesting landscape and some old barns. But Spilled milk right?

We arrived in Moose Jaw at 2:15 pm, and headed straight to the hotel (located at N50 23.562 W105 32.020). The hotel staff saw the huge grins on our faces and commented on how happy we looked to be there and he was right! Our room wasn't ready but another one was, and we got it instead. The room was nicely decorated with modern lamps fancy chairs and a fresh smell. Television offered full cable, internet and video on demand. Unlimited Mineral Pool access was included, of course. New looking towels and bathrobes were in the room waiting for us. We headed to the pool and relaxed. The water here is perfectly clear and you sink like anywhere else. this spring water comes from a porous rock formation underground and is 40+ degrees so they sometimes cool it before using it in the pool. The pool is an inside/outside pool that offers the ability to totally relax. Although the mineral content isn't as rich as Manitou Springs, Temple Gardens is more of a relatation resort.

We caved and even ordered Room Service for the first time in our lives. Awesome! You gotta try this.
First Room Service Experience!

All in all we had a blast this weekend. For rest and relaxation, I recommend the Temple. For all around Therapeutic treatment, I recommend Temple Gardens also. However for a Mineral intense bath, I'd recommend Manitou Springs for one night only. Then go to Temple Gardens for the second!

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gfroese said...

Thanks for the breakdown on these spas. We've talked about going to the Watrous one for years, just never happened. Thought it would be fun sitting around in the water with the 60+ crowd. :)